Friday, April 16, 2010

Is it cold outside?

So my mom has been learning how to use her computer.  Meaning she can email and has figured out how to take pictures using the built in camera on her computer.  She insists on sending me pictures of their backyard covered again with snow.  I look at the pictures which tend to be the same view different day, and think Thank YOU LORD that I am here and not there!!!!

Canada has its freak storms all through the spring.  I remember wearing shorts one day and my huge down jacket the next!! Storms just all of a sudden appear!! The weather is never consistent.  What cracks me up even more is when people who have lived there for ever are surprised by the storms.  It is so different from living here.  Obviously no snow..... the few rainstorms.... not bad!  What I truly miss tho is the definite season changes.  When spring comes in Canada the gloom lifts and the trees start changing, the grass comes back, its nice.

Here one day the trees are bare the next they are blooming and bam theres leaves!! It seems to happen so fast! Im really getting to like it..... Im not missing the snow!

So to honor my moms pictures to show everyone what they are missing in Canada right now.... here is what she sent me!!