Sunday, February 28, 2010

Do I hear Oh Canada?

So that was an awesome game Canada and USA played. A true hockey game.  Lots of intense moments and great ups and downs.  For those of you who haven't watched hockey before or think its such a violent sport- if you watched that game, thats the essence of Hockey. 
Hockey has been a part of Canada since 1875 where the first organized indoor game was played.  It had till then been played on many outdoor rinks before then.  

The ultimate goal of any hockey player is the Stanley Cup- which is the most impressive trophy I have ever seen.  Its was first awarded in 1893 and the cup has from then been awarded to the winner of the NHL.  Winners names are placed on the base of the cup.  Its really impressive.

I love watching Hockey, live and on tv.  I remember when I was a kid going down to the local rink and watching our very own Canmore Eagles play.  When I was in college we would watch the Red Deer Rebels play.  Watching those teams we could be watching future NHL players.  It was always very exciting. When I moved down to the States tho- not many people watched hockey- or even knew what it was!!! 

There is nothing like watching a live hockey game to get the feel of the fans cheering for their team and players.  The feeling especially if its an important game, is electric!! Nothing beats  hockey fan.

So I am very, very excited about our win!!! Canadians are going crazy right now!!! 
And I have to say Im relieved that Im not going to have to sing the USA national anthem!!! Saved in OT!!! Phew!!!


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