Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There are Heads on my Wall!!!

So you know how you have something thats completely normal in your house, but other people think it really weird?! Well I grew up with my moms collection of heads.  Before you think she's a serial killer, the heads are called Bosson heads.  They were made first in England by Mr. Bosson- in the early 1940's.  They were made up till the 1990's when the factory burnt down.  So for those planning a collection there are pre- factory burning and post- factory.  (Pre are better- FYI).

So I grew up with them not thinking they were anything really weird.  I remember sitting at the dining room table when we lived in Canmore, looking up at the heads and thinking that they are watching me.  Which they were.  When they made the heads- if you hang them the right way their eyes move with you as you move by them.  Thats always a little eerie.

So- My mom has quite the collection.  When she came here last Christmas she wanted to goto yesterday books that has a huge collection of Bosson heads.  She happened to notice that one was missing- because she notices things like that- and inquired about it and the told her that they were selling the heads for $20.00.  I thought my mom might pee her pants with excitment.  She came home with 5 heads, and kept thinking about it for the whole time she was here.

Well, not all those five heads were for her.  I now have my collection started.  She went back over the three weeks they were here and bought me another 4 more.  So they are now hanging in my itty bitty hallway- with their faces pointed away from my bedroom.  They don't need to be looking in there...

I have proudly shown off my collection to my friends thinking they would get the same kick out of it- and to my somewhat surprise- not so.  Most of them felt it was a little weird.  And I agree- it is a little weird, but everytime I see them I have fond memories of my home in Canmore, and knowing that my mom loves them so much I am happy to display them.  Beady eyes and all.

Just recently, because my mom can't stop thinking about having them, I had to go back to Yesterdays Books and acquire some more.  So I now have 6 more to give to my mom.

Something that I know makes her very happy.  And when I inherit them I will display them proudly and show them off for my mom.

She reminds me of my Grandmother who's family is from Russia.


  1. Keepsakes are usually a part of every family ...they hold history for us and memories and lots of fond love ... you go girl and display them where ever they can't see you! Such a sweet story!

  2. My mother in law has a couple of these heads...and yes I thought it was strange when I first was introduced to the family, but they kind of grow on you. And stare at you. Cute story!

  3. They do stare at you!!! Some are creepy but some not so much!!!